Our Team

Beyond "Us, the company" there is "Us, the people".
For us Cubic SoftLab isn't everything. It's just our workplace. Just a workplace where we drink great coffee. Just a place where we eat together. Just a place where our weird sense of humour makes sense.
Between us, sometimes it is also the place where our family members come looking for us: checking to see whether we are working or just having fun 9 to 12 hours a day...

Cornelia Farcas, Chief Executive Officer at Cubic SoftLab

Cornelia Fărcaș

Chief Executive Officer

Web development and its various components was one of the first things she mastered. Project management she learned on her own and on the job. Unrelenting when it comes to work, flexible when it comes to people and generous when it comes to office pizza.

Gabriel Olariu, Project Manager at Cubic SoftLab

Gabriel Olariu

Project Manager

Gabriel has a masters degree in Management from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca. You get the impression he had to work in shifts to accumulate the work experience managing people and projects his CV mentions: in food industry, car rental services, transportation, medical software development, pharmaceutical products and IT support. Management is mostly about people, he will tell you, and how to help and motivate them to become the best. A rare combination of humor and no-nonsense during office hours, Gabi is an avid boardgame player and a bold fan of Carlos Santana.

Bogdan Filip, Back-End Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Bogdan Filip

Back-End Developer

His instincts for photography seems to find itself at home in his approach to programming. Be it C++, Java or Android, you have to think first about the angle. Hence, the dreamy expression while staring at the code.

Viorela Alina Gligan, Back-End Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Viorela Alina Gligan

Back-End Developer

Viorela is very firm about two things: logical rigour and the nature & environment protection. The first crystallized gradually into a passion for coding in C# and using SQL. Making beautiful logical structures is something she finds quite satisfying. The second makes her thirst for new places to visit on this amazing planet, gets her angry when people mistreat animals. Shy at the beginning, Vio is nonetheless a team centered persona through and through: that’s why she loves volleyball and that’s why she works best with others when coding.

Mihai Chis, iOS Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Mihai Chiș

iOS Developer

Mihai has a masters degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. If there is one thing that represents him is this: navigating “impossible” off-road trails and reaching difficult destinations. When Mihai purchased an iPhone 3G and got instantly hooked: making apps was then the equivalent of off-roading! Mastering Xcode, iOS, Objective-C, Foundation, UIKit, Swift followed naturally because you can’t go on a mobile adventure unprepared. When he isn’t developing apps you will most probably find him off-roading (literally, this time) somewhere in the mountains of Maramures, Romania or maintaining a positively huge network of friendships and acquaintances.

Cosmin Magdas, Front-End Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Cosmin Magdaș

Front-End Developer

Opinionated and passionate about most things, Cosmin is very utilitarian when it comes to programming. A no-nonsense sort of guy with a no-nonsense approach to programming.

Darius Blajan, Front-End Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Darius Blăjan

Front-End Developer

Darius doesn’t talk much and is one of those persons that can easily fool you into thinking he is somewhat... slow. Once you get to know him, you realize he is just a very deliberate guy and very difficult to thwart once he sets on a course. As a student, he started with C/C++, then decided JavaScript is a better investment of his time and didn’t let go until he mastered it. Now he works on adding Angular, React and maybe Ember to the list of his skillsets. When he isn’t coding, Darius follows his other major passion: music and sports.

Mihai Purel, Web Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Mihai Purel

Web Developer

The beauty of programming is that there is always something new to learn. After all, you can’t recite a proper magic incantation without JavaScript, C++, Java or Python - it would sound silly!

Ciprian Serban, Web Developer at Cubic SoftLab

Ciprian Șerban

Web Developer

For as long as he remembers, Ciprian was always passionate about computers. Even while pursuing a degree in Business Information Technology at Babes Bolyai University, he was looking to for solid hands-on experience in web development and testing. At Cubic, Ciprian is involved in web development; works in HTML and CSS; recently became proficient in Wordpress; plans to learn PHP. A truly sociable fellow, hanging out with friends is one of his favourite pastime.

Flaviu Mates, UI/UX Designer at Cubic SoftLab

Flaviu Mateș

UI/UX Designer

Flaviu had various intense relationships over time - HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, etc. Nowadays he gets along famously with web design, but not to the point of a 'monogamous' relationship: variety is too tempting.

Veronica Derevlean, Graphic Design & Web Design at Cubic SoftLab

Veronica Derevlean

Graphic Design & Web Design

For as long as she can remember drawing and visual arts were a central part of her interests. It should come as no wonder that Veronica is currently studying Graphic Design at the University of Art & Design in Cluj-Napoca. From high school, she has learned to combine art and technology by learning to use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. She currently working on getting hands-on experience applying HTML, CSS, Wordpress. Her portfolio already includes a number of professionally executed flyers, banners, font design and integrated corporate identity packages. Veronica loves canto and music in general and there is a very special place in her heart reserved to her dream of illustrating children’s books some day.

Adrian Murzac, Content Marketing Specialist at Cubic SoftLab

Adrian Murzac

Content Marketing Specialist

Adrian is a psychologist by training made worse by an unnatural amount of curiosity that helped him during complete a M.Sci and a PhD in Cognitive Science. A quintessential idea junkie and scatterbrain with a fair analytical mind, he managed to transition to SEO and Marketing without much difficulty. Taking too much time when it comes to researching things out, he is nonetheless fast when it comes to brainstorming. Adrian likes to read, listen to podcasts and talk about ideas in science, history, philosophy and religion, doing a bit of gardening and raising rabbits.

Tunde Macarie, Content Marketing Specialist at Cubic SoftLab

Tünde Macarie

Content Marketing Specialist

Tünde has a degree in Management from the Spiru Haret University, Brasov She has a background working at a newspaper, where she had the opportunity to write articles and she just loved it! Expressing herself through writing is one of her favorite things to do. What she is passionate about includes teaching English classes to kids and creating handmade jewelry, both bringing out her creative side in her work. She constantly wants to improve her skills by trying out new things in the area she loves working the most: communication and writing.

Mihai Muresan, SEO Specialist at Cubic SoftLab

Mihai Mureșan

SEO Specialist

Doesn’t play poker, but he likes to win. All the time! Mostly at work with his everyday challenges, one can see that at the first glance. A graduate in Telecommunications and Information Technology of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Mihai has a vast experience with XHTML, CSS, WordPress, SEO and SEM. His search engine optimization best practices grant him to make unique recommendations and suggestions to help ensure our projects highest quality. In his spare time, Mihai stays up-to-date on the latest technology and is an enthusiastic handball player with 4 years of professional experience. He enjoys being part of a winning team and always pushes for a better way of doing things.