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Everything your company needs to operate in the digital world at top efficiency

Web development

Cubic SoftLab have built all sorts of websites: from presentation to event websites, from ecommerce to non-profit websites, from community to personal websites...

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Design services

Getting a good, consistent design means taking into account utility and aesthetics. Cubic SoftLab design services are part of our integrated approach that knits together...

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SEO services

When it comes to SEO services this is master principle: We don’t do magic, we do hard work.

If you want unfailing growth...

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App & custom software development

Apps and custom software are not luxuries anymore. Cubic SoftLab believes most of all in flexibility: pricing flexibility and feature flexibility. Native iOS or Android apps...

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Branding & identity services

We always get to know our customers, their dreams, what they associate their business or organization with, their goals. This is one of our secrets in how we manage...

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Content marketing

People may like website design; people might be pleased with website navigability and user friendliness; but people come back to a website only because it is useful...

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What we create.

Fully Responsive Apps/Websites

In an increasingly mobile environment, business flexibility and adaptability automatically needs to extend to your website or app. A fully responsive website or app tells your customers you care about them, you thought about their needs and you are prepared.











Tools We Use

Our Team

Beyond "Us, the company" there is "Us, the people".
For us Cubic SoftLab isn't everything. It's just our workplace. Just a workplace where we drink great coffee. Just a place where we eat together. Just a place where our weird sense of humour makes sense.
Between us, sometimes it is also the place where our family members come looking for us: checking to see whether we are working or just having fun 9 to 12 hours a day...